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Sohna Master Plan


So, finally the Sohna Master Plan is now notified and this fantastic new suburb of Gurgaon is almost ready to take off. Developers of all shape and size are now already taking positions and getting ready to announce their various projects under the Sohna Master Plan. As always it is our endeavour to dig deeper into the matter to find out if this new suburb is really worthwhile investing into.

So, as expected, the planning seems to be meticulous and definitely promising for this new suburb in the making thanks to DTP(Gurgaon). With a Ring Road planned around the Sohna Master Plan and the KMP passing through this suburb along with the DFC passing through this suburb, it definitely seem to be a promising new destination for both investors and for the users who are considering living close to Gurgaon within reasonable budgets.

There are a total of 38 Sectors under the Sohna Master Plan divided between, Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Transport & Communications, Public Utilities, Public & Semi Public Use, Open Spaces, Agricultural Zones and Natural Conservation Zones. One should note that the sectors are not really in the numerical order in terms of the proximity to Gurgaon, for e.g. sector 29 to Sector 35 would be closest to the existing Gurgaon and Golf Course Extension Road.

Talking about the Golf Course Extn. Road, it is interesting to note the connectivity between Sohna and the Golf Course Extn. Road, this connectivity through the arterial sector road is likely to benefit Sohna as a destination, specially the sectors close to this sector road will definitely command a premium over the other sectors.

Some of the other interesting developments are like the planned Ring Road around all these new sectors, which will be well connected to the KMP and other routes leading to Gurgaon, Delhi & Faridabad. Apart from this, the DFC (Freight Corridor) which is likely to boost industry and overall development of the area is definitely an interesting positive development. With this DFC coming into action over the next few years, this suburb should be poised for some good commercial activity.

On the Industrial development front, The Planned IMT Sohna is likely to become the next big industrial park as per the New Master Plan of Sohna. Just like the IMT Manesar, IMT Faridabad and IMT Rohtak...IMT Sohna is likely to be the next big industrial hub in this belt. Industrial Plots will soon be available for the discerning industrialists to enhance their presence in this belt. HSIDC is likely to announce the auction of the smaller plots soon, while the larger plots under the Mega Industry scheme are already getting the attention of the major industrialists.

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